• Before Earning Award:* Score 6 goals in a single game.
  • After Earning Award:*

Player UnlockedEdit

Kits UnlockedEdit


  • One reasonably easy way to achieve this goal is to play against Fortuna in Season Two using Andy Robin as your centre forward and Toby van Mercy and Three Lung Park as your other forwards (and your choice of defenders and goalkeeper -- if things go right, you won't need them anyway). As with any rush play, be sure to Play Ahead whenever you've already won a roll. It may take a few tries, but it works.
  • Another useful strategy is using Through Pass skill with Dmitri Bubbletop (left/center), Caliente Rollovo (center/left), Antonio Lucacci (right). When having possession, combinations of these 3 players will 90% trigger the Through Pass skill. Play against Les Bleus in Season 3 Cup 1 (1st match). Caliente Rollovo will always win encounter with Les Bleus GK (1 1 1 3 3 3). I got it in 1 try. If you're lucky enough, you can even score 7 goals with this strategy.
  • In both cases, use Shirley Tweety and Possessive GF as entourages. The first can give you an extra 5 minutes, while the second will help you score.

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